New Shared Parental Leave Toolkit for Employers and HR Directors

Posted by : | 19th Nov 2014 | Employment law for HR Directors

With new shared parental leave laws in place, it’s a good time to think about how to handle multiple requests for shared parental leave from male and female members of your workforce. Employees can make request for shared parental leave from February 2015 for all birth due dates/matching dates (for adoption) from April 2105 onwards.

Watch this slideshare for the changes to maternity and paternity leave entitlements and a quick, visual  overview of the key points to remember.

Shared parental leave 2015 guidance for parents and employers from The Legal Partners

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to create a Shared Parental Leave policy to include in your Employee Staff Handbook.  With this in  mind we have developed  a Shared Parental Leave Toolkit to meet the needs of busy Employers and HR Directors.

Our Shared Parental Leave toolkit will keep you compliant, save you time,  help make your business more attractive to new employees and  more appreciated by your existing ones, and help cut burdensome HR admin going forward.

With the Toolkit, you can be confident that:

  • Your business is complying with the new Shared Parental Leave laws and procedures
  • You can demonstrate this to your current staff and prospective employees,  all beneficial to employee retention and recruitment
  • You will have a tailored policy to include straight into your Staff Handbook
  • You have the paperwork in place to handle requests for Shared Parental Leave,  minimizing administrative upheaval on the business
  • You know how to deal with the different types of shared parental leave requests a worker can now make.

The toolkit includes: Shared Parental Leave Toolkit from The Legal Partners #

A new Shared Parental Leave Policy

Template letters for you to use when administrating requests for Shared Parental Leave
30 minutes legal consultation with one of our lawyers to help you tailor the policy to your company, we can also highlight areas where the policy may need further refining in future and the knock – on effects on your company’s Maternity & Paternity Leave policies.

All for £350 plus VAT.

Your consultation can be by phone on 0203 755 5288 or by email at

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