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BCS Global Networks

To compete with Facetime and Skype, today’s video conferencing suppliers need to offer a TV-quality, no-delay facility that is reliable, performs consistantly and is easy to use. Founded in 2000 in Canada, BCS Global Networks is leading the field.

When a team of investors took the listed Company private and relocated it to the UK, they asked us to advise on setting up the new business.

Since the relocation, The Legal Partners have acted as the company’s in house legal team, working side by side with BCS Global’s finance and sales teams, advising them on all their customer, supplier and employment contracts in the UK. We also guide the management team through their fundraising rounds, negotiating the best deal for the business with their equity investors.

“The team had experience not just advising but working within our telecom sector. They spoke our language. In no time they were up to speed, anticipating all our requirements in the UK.”

Clive Sawkins, CEO
BCS Global Networks