Case studies - expanding into Asia


Expanding into Asia.
Prosell helps front-line employees in leading global organisations become better at selling, managing teams, and providing customer service.

Already a client, the company was looking to find a suitable base from which to bring its unique way of coaching to businesses in the Far East.

With our extensive contacts in Asia, we advised on the best location and put the team in contact with the right people on the ground, in this case Central Chambers Law Corporation in Singapore. Central Chambers Law Corporation then seamlessly organised the company’s incorporation. In no time Prosell had a new headquarters from which to expand in The Far East.

“I’d advise anyone setting up or selling in Asia to get The Legal Partners on board. They really know how to make it happen.”

Simon Morden, Chairman

“Richard’s speed of response, pro activity and level of client care impresses me tremendously. His professionalism and the way he works assures me that clients we refer to him are in safe hands.
I can pick up the phone, speak to him and get excellent advice and guidance whatever the issue.
They set the standard we aim to emulate”

Ronnie Tan, Managing Director,
Central Chambers Law Corporation, Singapore