Flexible working, national Q&A reveals 3 main tips for employers

Flexible working tips from Ask Acas Q&AChanges to the new flexible working laws came into play at the end of June 2014.  Swiftly afterwards, Acas ran a live Q&A on twitter,  inviting employers and employees across the country  to ask questions (#Ask Acas) about flexible working, homeworking requests, agreements, right and rules.
We took part in the 2 hour conversation, from it we pulled in our view the most useful points for employers when handling flexible working requests, and added a final tip of our own.
Remember these when delivering the flexible working practices that work for your business and for your employees, and to protect your company from claims.
1 When considering whether to accept or reject a request for flexible working, always make the decision based on the FACTS, not the person(ality) involved, to minimise the risk of discrimination claims.
2 Allow employees the RIGHT TO APPEAL if their request is turned down, so there is a second change to discuss the issue and see if it can be resolved.
3  If  its decided that flexible working is appropriate, we advise clients to use TRIAL PERIODS to test and measure. This allows the business, and employee, time to figure out if the proposed solution is really workable before committing to it.
This is obviously not a definitive list. For a  brief summary of  the new flexible working laws, how they affect employers and what you need to know, view these related resources:
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Need help with a new or updated flexible working policy to minimise future disruption, to be compliant, and to handle multiple requests effectively?
New Flexible Working laws Guide & Toolkit from The Legal Partners
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