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Looking to sell more abroad? Expanding into Asia? Need some expert legal guidance?

We know that China and the ASEAN markets represent huge opportunities for ambitious UK companies. An export strategy represents a major investment in time and resources for companies.

If export success is your purpose, our aim is to make sure your path is sure, smooth, profitable and sustained.

Part of the government's UKTI advisor network, we guide companies through the necessary legal negotiations with their Asian suppliers & distributor partners, we advise on cultural aspects of doing business in Asia, on what to expect and on the strategies to adopt to grow successfully in Asia.

In recent years, we have particularly helped companies in these fast growing export sectors:

  • Education
  • Telecoms
  • Technology
  • Digital Media & Film

The Legal Partners are supported by a hand picked team of partner lawyers in Singapore, Guangzhou, PRC, Malaysia, who share our ethos, business understanding and practical approach.

Together we help ambitious UK companies to grow, export and establish a presence in Asia.
We also advise Chinese companies investing and setting up in the UK.

The articles below contain practical legal advice for UK exporters, browse these and contact us.

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tips for importing goods from China

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