Our Experiences and Pricing

Our Approach

We will take time with you to agree what you want us to do for you and the price.

This means that you will receive a clear quote from us which explains:

  1. Who will be advising you and their experience,
  2. What is covered & what we will do – called Scope,
  3. How long it is estimated to take,
  4. Price – including our proposed legal fees and any expenses (often called disbursements – for example Barrister fees, Court and Government Agency eg HM Courts & Tribunal fees), and
  5. Risks – explaining what are the types of risk your project faces eg in a debt recovery situation the debtor may not be able to pay and become insolvent even if you win your debt recovery action at Court.

You will receive this information clearly set out in our client care letter, so that you can decide to proceed.

We can offer Fixed Price quotes on projects where your Project Scope is clear, so you know your financial and time commitments from the outset. If this is not possible, we work on our hourly fee rates with time estimates.

We communicate throughout the project so there are no billing surprises.

  • We will require payment of fees in stages for your project or case.
  • If your project or case extends beyond a month end, we will send you an interim invoice.
  • All invoices are payable within 7 days.
  • We ask new clients to pay an agreed percentage of the fees in advance.
  • We have outlined here some example projects and cases, and the fees we would charge for these.
  • We ensure we provide the right level of legally qualified adviser for your project.