About Paul Whelan
Technology Partner
Business Experience:
Law Firm IT Strategy and Implementation
Advises On:
Network and systems consulting. Connectivity for remote working and cross border teams, cloud technology.


Introducing Paul Whelan

Paul has been IT Partner with The Legal Partners from its inception in 2004.

The firm was established on a strongly digital, flexible ethos and from the beginning, Paul established robust systems of virtual and team working to ensure the team's maximum adaptability; enabling The Legal Partners to work collaboratively and remotely, whether on site at client offices, overseas or from home.

He assisted in the firm's initial network decisions, office moves, and remote access, and provides advice on all aspects of modern technology.

Since the advent of personal devices and smartphones, he has been more involved in networking, cyber security and web presence.

Since writing his first computer program in the 1960s, Paul has been continuously involved in computing. First working in major commercial projects for publishers and banking and then more specialised info science for major blue chip companies in the UK and abroad.

He continues to advise on all aspects of networking, including system security and confidentiality, relating to Privacy and GDPR for The Legal Partners and our clients.