Corporate and Business law for CEOs & CFOs

Expert legal advice for business

Why have a lawyer when you could have a Legal Partner?


We understand that as a business owner, CEO or CFO there are times when you need expert legal advice from experienced business lawyers who you trust, who are in your corner. We also understand you need to ensure that every pound spent on legal advice benefits your bottom line.


As Legal Partners, we think as lawyers but in commercial terms. We deliver our advice in a way that suits you, your needs, your business, your cashflow.


Our approach is highly collaborative.

We take time to explain the thinking behind the advice and the relevance to your business.


We unpick complex legal elements and make them simple so you have a clear path forward and a weight off your mind.


We add value in negotiations, and help you get the best deal for your business, whether we’re sitting alongside you, negotiating on your behalf with your shareholders, co-directors, investors, suppliers and clients, or with lawyers on the other side.


So tell us, what do you need help with?

  • Agreeing Heads of Terms for your important projects
  • Buying a business
  • Negotiating B2B Contracts with Suppliers & customers
  • Recovering Debts in a cost-effective way
  • Becoming and Remaining GDPR compliant
  • Embarking on a joint venture
  • Hiring your team: C suite and Non-Exec Directors
  • Managing HR & Employee Relations Issues
  • Managing Litigation to a successful settlement including:
    • Partnership Disputes
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Defending Employment Tribunal claims
  • Negotiating shareholder agreements
  • Negotiating agent & distributor contractsfor UK exporters to Asia and other countries
  • Raising Debt and Equity finance
  • Securing the right Business (Property) Lease
  • Selling your business


For expert, cost effective legal advice from experienced business lawyers, please email or contact Richard Mullett on +44 (0)203 755 5288.

Trade Law for CEOs and CFOs

For exporters, we have built a hand-picked team of partner law firms in Singapore, Malaysia, and Guangzhou, China, who share our practical, responsive approach. More..

How we work with you

We agree this with you.  As your Legal Partner, we bring the same level of understanding, commitment and focus on your objectives as though we are your in house lawyer.

We can come to your offices, meet with customers and suppliers to negotiate alongside you.

We are on the end of the phone, to answer a quick question or work through an complex problem, when you need.

We help you keep up to speed on the law you need to know, through regular business and employment law updates and our HR law training seminars, every 6 months.

Complimentary HR law seminars

Alongside regular law updates and articles, our training seminars help CEOs, CFOs and HR Directors keep on top of significant issues and changes in Employment law and avoid expensive Employment Tribunal claims.

HR law training seminars are open to clients and contacts and are free. They run every 6 months at our offices in Richmond.

Register for our HR law seminars

Pricing & value for money

The Legal Partners are commercial lawyers, experienced in business, and comfortable with the numbers. This allows us to relate every legal decision back to your business. To keep the advice clear, relevant, pragmatic, practical and so much more cost effective.

We can offer fixed price quotes on projects where the project scope is clear, so you know your commitments from the outset.  If this is not possible, we work on our hourly rates with estimates. We communicate throughout the project so there are no billing surprises.

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