Why us

Why have a Lawyer when you could have a Legal Partner?

Our clients call us their trusted business advisers.

We can be the same for you – prepared to give you our commercial and view and legal advice based on our experience over 75 years.

We can negotiate along side you, making sure that you get the best deal for the business.

We can sketch out your shareholder or organisation structure on a sheet of A4, turning the complex variables and issues into a simplified summary covering the critical points. This will allow you to negotiate shareholder agreements, issues with co-directors or a funding round with investors with absolute confidence.

What makes The Legal Partners different is that we combine top flight legal expertise with first class negotiating skills and commercial acumen, gained from working at the sharp end, as lawyers within growing and global companies; not merely as advisors on the sidelines.

We’re experienced in business and comfortable with the numbers. This allows us to relate every legal discussion back to your business, and keep the advice clear, relevant, pragmatic and practical, and so much more cost effective.

We add to this a personal, highly accessible and responsive level of service designed around the specific needs of CEOs, CFOs and HR Directors for a one-to-one expert trusted legal advisor, a wise head in their corner.

Whether you need legal advice to help achieve your growth plans or to fix a specific legal problem for a fixed cost, we make sure that every pound of advice counts towards the bottom line. We make sure we negotiate success for your business.

For exporters, we have built a hand-picked team of partner lawyer firms in Singapore, Malaysia and South China, who share our practical and responsive approach.

Clients value the sense of relief and confidence as we guide them smoothly through the legals issues that affect their business, and they value the time, hassle and money that we save them everyday.

How we work with you

Actually, this is up to you.

We can come to your offices, meet customers and negotiate alongside you.

Or we can be on the end of the phone, (one of our experienced lawyers, not a junior trainee, paralegal or legal manager!) to advise you whenever you need.

We work with you, on a fixed price or hourly rate to suit your cash flow, on a project or retained basis, for as long as you need.

We help keep you up to speed on the law you need to know now, and with HR law training seminars through our HR Director Network in Richmond

Browse our free articles, checklists and fixed price toolkits, relating to your legal problem. You can find the latest on our home page and by category on our Business law, Employment law and  Import Export law pages. They are written by our lawyers to enable you to assess quickly the legal issues relating to your problem, covering the most common legal issues you will face, the next steps to take and the actions to avoid.  Please download and use them.

For more information, help or advice, read about our dedicated Business law, Employment Law and Export law services or, better still, pick up the phone and contact us, on +44 (0) 203 755 5288 or by email to discuss your issue.