Employment Law for HR Directors

Legal Advice for HR Directors

Our HR and Employment law service is personal and designed around you, busy HR Directors, Managers and Business Partners.

Whether you run an HR team or are the sole HR advisor to a business, we deliver our advice in a way that suits your needs and your cash flow.

We deliver practical, commercial solutions to your employee issues that sit well with your Board, finance and senior management teams.

Our team

We have a 4 strong Employment Law team with a combined experience of over 75 years resolving employee relations issues.

We are experts at settling claims effectively. We know how to explore settlement options when an employee leaves, at Mediation or at Employment Tribunals. We negotiate Settlement Agreements that make commercial sense, that limit the disruption to your bottom line and to the business.

Our approach is supportive and collaborative. We take time to explain the thinking behind the advice. If you are in unchartered waters, we can coach you through implementing solutions and briefing your board or senior management team. You are able to take action to resolve legally sensitive issues with absolute confidence and authority.

We can offer fixed price quotes on projects so you know where you are from the outset. We communicate throughout so there are no billing surprises.

Whether you are de risking the business - with sound and integrated policies, procedures, handbooks and employment contracts - facing a strategic issue, a structural change that involves redundancies or managing difficult Employee Relations, we are easily accessible to give you a quick answer (sometimes that is all it takes), or to guide you through a problem to a successful outcome. 

Key areas where HR Directors regularly approach us for help:

Strategic issues & Structural changes

  • Redundancies
  • TUPE Transfers
  • C Suite Director Hirings & Departures
  • Business Immigration & Sponsorship
  • EMI Share Option and Bonus Plans
  • GDPR and HR Data Privacy

Day-to-Day Employee Relations Management:

  • Employment contracts and staff handbooks
  • Managing Employee Relations: grievances, disciplinaries and poor performance
  • Disputes & resolution
  • Negotiating Settlement Agreements
  • Managing workplace stress and sickness absence
  • Flexible & hybrid working requests
  • International Secondments
  • Defending Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Mediation

Of course, it’s always more effective, and more cost effective for your budget, to pre-empt issues and to tackle them early. Our proactive approach helps you to:

  • de-risk your business
  • plan ahead
  • engender trust with your CEO and leadership team.

HR Director’s key success tips

We asked an HR Director colleague with 30 years’ experience to share her insights and key pieces of advice in the role. She said:

  • Keep calm when an HR issue breaks. Whatever the reactions up the chain or from the CEO, remain calm.
  • Make it your business to know and keep in mind the main drivers and objectives of the business.
  • Keep up to speed with law that relates to HR. Beyond the obvious benefits of de-risking, planning, confidence and credibility this builds, the law can be used as a valuable third point: refer to it when managing demands from your CEO or the board which are inappropriate, impossible or just plain illegal.
  • Have watertight employment contracts, and
  • clear tailored policies.

These will minimise Employee Relations headaches and help you run the business as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call us as soon as you need to talk through an issue. Five minutes on a timely call can save many hours sorting HR problems.

Complimentary HR law webinars

Employment Law is complex and changing. Alongside regular law updates and articles, our webinars keep you abreast of the significant changes in Employment law, how they affect your business and HR practices. We whittle down the most pressing Employment law issues into accessible 90 minute sessions, run each Spring and Autumn.

  • We explain the new employment laws and discuss best practice for incorporating these into your business
  • Prepare you with solutions to the common legal headaches you face
  • Give you the skills to manage legally sensitive issues through to solution with confidence.

Our HR Law webinars are open to clients and contacts and are free. Being an HR Director can be lonely. Joining our HR law webinars brings with it a ready-made network of fellow HR specialists. The sessions are an opportunity for HR Directors, Business Partners, Managers and those running teams to come together online in a confidential setting to learn, discuss and share knowledge, tips and practical ways of solving employee relations issues. Register for our HR law webinars below. 


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