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Business disputes are increasingly common but they can take a serious toll. The Court process is lengthy and slow. Efficient minded business people see this and feel the frustration of it. Commercial litigation is disruptive, time consuming and potentially very costly.

The basic Court rule is that the loser pays the winner’s legal and other recoverable costs. Even when winning a case, a business is only likely to recover normally up to 60-70% of those costs from the other side, who may not be able to pay anyway.

If you find yourself involved in a business dispute, you will want a positive outcome as swiftly and cost effectively as possible. The Legal Partners will ensure you have the best strategy and the right legal expertise (barristers as well as solicitors) on your side to achieve the best result whilst minimising the impact on you and your business.

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How our commercial dispute and litigation solicitors can help

The Legal Partners cut swiftly to the heart of any dispute, bringing it all into focus, whilst looking ahead and down the line. At the outset we will establish if you can enforce any Court Judgment you may obtain against the other side. There is usually no point in starting litigation if you cannot recover any awarded amount because the other side has no money!

We help you to check if the other party has any assets to ensure that when Judgment is awarded – which can be several months or years away - you will be paid. This is particularly important if the other party is in financial difficulty. See our Debt Recovery services for cost-effective debt recovery.

We have a network of very experienced barristers with whom we work closely. We will help you select the right barrister to represent you at Court for your case.

We deploy a range of strategy, tactics and pro-active negotiation, using our long-seasoned experience to give you powerful options, from mediation and arbitration to the more formal Court route.

These might include:

  • Speaking to the other party before a claim is filed or defended to see if settlement is possible
  • Organising the right Barrister to represent you at the Court and Employment Tribunal hearings.
  • Pursing your claim by starting Court action or robustly defending a claim you have received and pursuing any counter-claim
  • Complying with the Court’s Civil Procedure Rules or Employment Tribunal Rules. Using those Rules to:
    • obtain disclosure of documents and evidence,
    • strike out weak claims made against you,
    • require deposit orders or security for costs (payments into Court) from claimants who are “trying it on”,

             and obtain the advantage you will need to win your claim or successfully defend a claim.

  • Obtain where possible reimbursement of your Court costs, legal fees and other recoverable expenses if you win your claim or successfully defend a claim where this is possible according to the Court rules.

Throughout your case we regularly assess the costs and benefits of litigation for you.

We ensure that you understand the legal costs at each stage of the case, so there are no billing surprises. This means you can budget, and take these into close account when making decisions on whether to settle or continue with the Court process.

The Legal Partners team have considerable experience in resolving disputes for every type of client and business across a wide range of industries and sectors. We have all worked in business; we think as lawyers but in commercial terms, intuitively understanding the challenges and commercial implications of such actions on a business. We provide clients with the confidence and clarity which significantly eases the pressure throughout, and ensures the best outcome.

What type of commercial dispute and litigation do you need help with?

Contract disputes are most frequent and include:

  • Shareholders Agreements & Directors disputes
  • Debt Recovery of unpaid invoices and loans
  • IT and technology contracts
  • Key supply chain contracts
  • Distribution, franchise, and licensing agreements
  • Customer agreements
  • Sales of goods or service agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Outsourcing contracts.


Whether you need to bring a claim or defend a commercial dispute, our specialist commercial litigation team will provide you with expert advice and guidance, however tough, challenging or complex the situation.

The result? You put your business dispute far behind and move on.


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