About Ann Gibbon
Consultant Solicitor
Advises On:
HR Law, Employment contracts, Settlement Agreements, Employment Tribunal claims, Commercial Dispute claims
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Ann has a reputation for calm, pragmatic legal advice in demanding situations


Introducing Ann Gibbon

Ann has over 30 years experience as a Solicitor specialising in Criminal defence work, and for 12 years ran her own successful firm.  Along with her first  hand understanding of the day to day challenges facing business owners, Ann brings her unrivalled experience in Court and in presenting cases to Tribunals of all types to The Legal Partners business law, employment law and dispute resolution clients.

The Court process is lengthy and slow, defending ET claims can be expensive and consume hours of management time. Efficient minded business people see this and feel the frustration of it. Business clients involved in claims and disputes want the best possible outcome as swiftly and cost effectively as possible.

Ann’s strategic and tactical outlook facilitates the best result for you, your business and your situation. She has a forensic ability to uncover relevant facts and information fast. And to quickly assimilate complex information of all kinds, cutting to the chase and organising it in the best way for your case.

She has an ability to work under pressure and to provide calm, pragmatic effective advice.

Clients trust Ann and feel supported to make difficult decisions, to move forward in their business and personal employment lives. One of her many testimonials expresses this “beyond advice, Ann allowed us to see and think clearly, and know what to expect and what to do”.

Working with The Legal Partners colleagues, Ann currently advises clients on contentious (Employment Tribunal and Court) and non-contentious employment law issues:

  • Contracts of Employment that are practical and relevant to the needs of the business.

    - Staff Handbooks, procedures and practices that de-risk the business and allow you to concentrate on growing, running the business, whilst confident that the business is compliant.

  • Settlement agreements that ensure the best exit package for senior executives and look to minimise risk and a best pragmatic solution for business owners.

  • Robust and effective defence of Employment Tribunal claims.

Ann is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association (https://www.elaweb.org.uk) and has High Court rights of Advocacy in all Courts in both Civil and Criminal proceedings. Ann also has an MBA from the Open University.