Employment law for HR Directors

Employment Law for HR Directors

Legal advice for HR Directors

3 tips for making your HR Director role easier

Free HR law seminars for HR Directors, join our HR Director Network

Ensure every pound of legal advice counts towards your bottom line

Practical, legal know-how for HR Directors, Free Checklists, Articles and Toolkits

Legal advice for HR Directors

HR problem? Meet HR solution

Our HR law service is designed around you, the busy HR Director. We deliver our advice in a way that suits your needs and your cash flow. We can offer fixed price quotes on projects. We are geared for practical, commercial solutions and for your peace of mind.

The Legal Partners are HR Solicitors based in Richmond, London. We help HR Directors add real and lasting value to the business, whilst keeping it out of trouble.

If you are an HR Director responsible to your CEO or to a board, you know from experience how important it is to have an expert, trusted lawyer on hand when you need.

We help you to ensure your business stays out of trouble, plans ahead, and grows painlessly.  And if trouble does occur, we are accessible to give you an answer and walk you through the solution to your problem as swiftly as it arises.

3 ways to make your HR Director role easier

We asked an HR Director colleague with 30 years experience to share her insights and top 3 pieces of advice. Here’s what she said,

  1. Keep calm. When an HR issue breaks, whatever are the reactions up the chain or from the CEO, stay calm in the midst of the storm.
  2. Make it your business to learn, know and remember the main drivers and objectives of the business.
  3. Keep up to date with the law relating to HR. Beyond the obvious de-risking , planning & confidence this brings, the law can be used as a third point to which you can refer when managing demands from the CEO or the board which are inappropriate, impossible or just plain illegal.

We would add 2 more, watertight employment contracts and clear tailored policies will minimize problems and make life much easier for you, your company and your staff.

Free HR Law seminars for HR Directors

Our free training seminars are designed to help HR Directors keep on top of the Employment Law that relates to HR. In them, we:

  • Explain the new employment laws, next steps to take and discuss best practice for incorporating them into the business.
  • Prepare you for the most common legal headaches you will face
  • Give you the skills to manage legally sensitive issues through to solution with confidence and authority

Among many others, our seminar topics cover these common issues often requested by HR Director Clients:

Performance management
Managing “stress” in disciplinaries
Employee disputes & dispute resolution
Flexible working requests
Social media liability
Managing workplace stress & absenteeism

The training seminars are interactive sessions where we work through real scenarios. They are very popular, here are a few words from recent HR Director Network delegates;

"It's just so helpful to have a network like this, receiving the information and sharing the discussions with other HR people"
Emma Crabb, HR Director, The Other Media

“Clear slides, good interaction with the delegates, I enjoyed it immensely"
Philip Ells, Head of Enterprise and International Course Development, Ealing Law School University of West London

HR law seminars are run at our offices in Richmond. To be invited to upcoming seminars, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this site, and click to register your interest in “The Legal Partners HR Director Network: seminars and training”.

Ensure every pound of legal advice counts to your bottom line

Market research on the legal sector shows that 70% of clients’ perceived value of the legal advice they receive is due to the way the advice is delivered. Expert advice, quite rightly, is taken as read.

From researching our own client base over the past 10 years, we have also found that our HR Director clients value different types of service, depending on their problem, their role and their business cash flow.

So we offer 3 different levels of legal service for you to choose from, below.

  1. Tailored face to face meetings, or by phone, email or Skype, with advice to solve the HR problems you are encountering, communicated in a way that’s best for you. For example, we frequently propose settlement offers on Excel Spreadsheets for easy Business & Finance review and sign off; very useful if the CFO is involved.
  2. Initial discussions between us can lead to a fixed price quote for each stage of the project, and good communication throughout ensures there are no surprise bills.

    Business people as well as lawyers, we are good with numbers, and we understand cashflow. You can be confident with your CEO or CFO that you are getting best bang for legal buck.

  3. We offer fixed price Toolkits for specific HR issues, e.g our Flexible WorkingSocial Media liability,Shared Parental Leave.

    Our Toolkits include a checklist & additional letter or document plus 30 minutes telephone legal advice to solve the HR problem.

  4. Free checklists and articles, below and across this site, to download, store and use, giving you the information you need to help you solve your HR problem.

    You can speak to The Legal Partners team at any time for additional paid legal advice, giving you added peace of mind to ensure the problem is resolved.

    Not sure which you need? Call us and we can help you decide which is best for you.

    Whichever you choose, each of our services is designed to help you avoid risk, save time and reduce cost
    You can expect to receive clear, practical and highly commercial advice from experienced city trained HR Solicitors, not juniors, who understand the needs of HR Directors.

Please contact us by email or call on 0203 755 5288 to discuss your issue.

Practical legal know how for HR Directors: Checklists Articles Toolkits

The free articles below are written by our lawyers, to enable you to assess quickly the legal issues relating to your problem, the most common issues you will face, the next steps and the actions to avoid. Please download these, store them and share them on.

For more advice or to purchase a Toolkit, email us or call on 0203 755 5288 to discuss your issue.

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